"Remains to be Seen" is my second album, marking a shift towards a dirty, roots rock feel blended with slick electronic music production techniques. This album explores the difficulties of navigating the mundane daily grind between the milestones of life.

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My 2021 debut release is a concept album centering on the idea of a journey from a place of confusion and intolerance to acceptance and progress. It spans several genre's from folk, to heavy rock and ending with a largely electronic number, but the tracks are all linked by the idea of travel, either actual or metaphorical from and through city life to a more natural place.


Level 1 Power-Up is a tripped out, funky, industrial rap-rock jam that serves as an introduction to Max Boost

Flawed by Design is an industrial/electronica metal rager about loosing ones mind...

Flawed by Design (err:Rawr Remix) marks the first in a continuing collaboration between Max Boost and UK based producer Jack/err:Rawr

Hollow (Max Boost Remix) was Max Boost's first chance to return the favor and remix a song by err:Rawr

Future Banger 1

Future Banger 2

Future Banger 3

Future Banger 4

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