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“Absurd and unhinged. I love it” - Pravin Thomson, Vethaken

“I do not know what it is… it is something strange and incomprehensible but catchy”

- Modern Rock Music, Russia

“Super interesting mix of country rock with futuristic sounds… and the voice that mixes rap with rock and with the attitude of a gangster…”

- Chavo Ruiz

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My new album, Remains to Be Seen is a gritty mix of acoustic roots music, guitar-driven rock and electronic music production. It explores existential crises, lost opportunities, human fragilty and more. Sounds fun right 😅

The album is finished it but won't be released on Spotify or streaming anytime soon, so the only way to hear the full thing is to get the CD! Every order comes with a free high quality digital download in case you don't have a CD player anymore.

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Who in the hell is Max Boost?

A Wild Blend of Rock, Roots Music and Electronica That Will Make You Say “What the f#%k! was that… I like it”

Max Boost and the Power-Ups is a genre-bending, experimental solo project rooted in the pent up musical machinations of one Brian Maxwell (that’s me). I like to blend industrial electronic sounds with rock guitar and acoustic instruments to create mashed up styles like  electro-funk, psychedelic-rap, acid-metal, synthwave-alt-rock and trance-blues.  No matter what genres I dabble in, everything is rooted in groove-heavy bass lines and a rhythmic, often aggressive vocal approach. Lyrically, I like to explore heavier topics like social inequity, toxic masculinity, existential dilemmas and mysteries of the great beyond, while trying to inject a bit of fun and often a heavy dose of sarcasm. I hope you can dig it!

What are you waiting for?

If you don't know already, I'm a bit eccentric. You might even say I'm pretty weird. Well so is my music. Maybe you are too? If you are looking for something different than overproduced mainstream pop, boring lofi hip hop and cookie-cutter rock, look no further. For example, my gritty trance blues-rock song, Graveyard Dirt, is a mix of dirty synthesizers, raw vocals, heavy slide guitar and sarcastic attitude with a touch of darkness. I just released the official version but....

I saved an exclusive stripped-down version to share exclusively with my fans who sign up for my email list. I’ve been told that this alternate version is, in some ways, more compelling than the original, since it has a more raw and intimate sound. But that's not all! When you sign up you’ll also get high quality download and streaming links to other unreleased songs that you can't find anywhere else!

Every time I release new music, I have extra stuff, like lyric explanations, making-of videos, recording breakdowns and early versions of the song that I don't ever post anywhere online. I want to share this stuff exclusively with my actual fans (like you I hope?).

Don’t worry, I don’t send any spam and I don’t have any agenda beyond sharing stuff with folks who are interested in checking out my music. I also check my email regularly and I’m happy to answer any questions, take requests for cover songs or respond to whatever else you wanna share with me.

In between releases I'll share updates about what I'm working on and maybe even let you hear upcoming works-in-progress before they are finished. Some day when I have t-shirts or more CDs and vinyl, you’ll also get exclusive discounts on all that stuff.

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